April 18, 2014

It started with a portrait, taken in 2008, both were in it not knowing what the future holds for them. Nothing extraordinary, no goosebumps-worthy story. Just a bunch of silly guys goofing around on the dance floor whilst a band with two girl vocalists were playing on stage. Ralph noticed one of the vocalists but it never crossed his mind that he would get a chance to meet her. That singer was Mai, a beautiful woman enjoying one day at a time, and trying to give one of the most memorable stage performances of her life. Fast forward to a year later, 2009, through common friends they didn’t know they have, Ralph and Mai were introduced to each other and got a along pretty well. Three years into the relationship, atop the highest building in the world, Ralph asked Mai to spend forever with him… And all you guys know what’s next! They lived happily ever after… ♥♥♥

Venue: Saint Mary’s Church | Emirates Towers ; Videography: Record Box Productions

Images Copyright 2014 TwoQuirky - Fine Art Photography
Made with ♥ in Dubai

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