November 07, 2013
Here goes our first post!
A year ago we covered an intimate beach wedding attended only by close family and friends. It was just so peaceful and full of love and happiness. This has been one of the simplest weddings we’ve done, yet one that we truly enjoyed.
Petar and Josenne’s love story is just like a true-to-life romantic movie… Petar Bukovala, a Serbian-German pilot and Josenne Angbetic, a Filipino flight attendant both met on a Melbourne-Auckland flight and instantly fell for each other. During their flight back to Dubai, Petar called Josenne to the cockpit to see the stars and the thunderstorm across Sri Lanka (Now that, is one thing you don’t see up close every day…)
Fast forward, Josenne had an 8-day Bangkok-Sydney trip, little did she know this trip would change her life. Petar had already planned something special, he left her a bouquet of roses and a letter at the reception, when she turned, there he was! The love of her life, was kneeling down with a precious ring passed on by his family, and you guys know what comes next right?
The wedding was as beautiful as their story.


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